The person who checks the eye and operates depending upon the condition of the eye is known as the eye doctor. There are three types of eye doctors. These eye doctors are known as optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.  These eye doctors have a difference because of their skill, practice, and level of training.


The eye doctor who treats primary eye care is known as the optometrist. These eyes doctors are responsible for the treatment of the eyesight. The optometrist also performs a function to diagnose the eye disease and recommend the solution.

The optometrist education is given in optometry school. So, if a person wanted to become an optometrist, he must attend an optometry school, not a simple medical school.

The duration to become an optometrist is about four years. Some practices must be done by an eye doctor so that he will become a good optometrist in the future. The optometrist must know the method and technique of conducting vision text and vision tests. Also, an optometrist must be able to detect a defect in the eye and prescribe medicines according to the irregularities. These eyes doctor can perform limited eye surgeries.


The technician whose task is to design and fit the eye aids known as the optician. He also arranges eye aids that help to clear the eye vision of a person. The prescription is given to the optician so that he can provide the required physical aids. This prescription is provided by the ophthalmologist and optometrist.  Opticians have no training though they diagnose the eye problem. These eye technicians only fit the eye aid but they are not able to treat eye disease.


The ophthalmologist is the eye surgeon who completed his education in 7, 8 years. These eye surgeons go to the medical schools, not to the optometry schools. After graduation, they so practice. Ophthalmologists in melbourne are licensed eye surgeons. Same services are provided by the ophthalmologist as by the optometrist, these eye surgeons perform medical services like prescribing different medical treatment and check eyesight.  Ophthalmologist, eye surgeon also examine the disease that is directly related to eye but check-up is included in other medical procedure. An ophthalmologist is a specialized eye surgeon who did all kinds and types of surgeries. Sometime ophthalmologists take part in a different kind of research.  These eye surgeons also deportment scientific researches to cure eye disease.

The ophthalmologist is the specialized eye surgeon. Some eye surgeons continue their study in the specific medical or surgical areas some of them are as follows.

  1. Cornea specialists: The cornea ophthalmologist treats corneal eye conditions like Fuchs dystrophy and KERATOCONUS.
  2. Retina specialists: The eye surgeon with this specialization treats the retinal eye. In this, the ophthalmologist repair torn and detached retinas.

3 Neurology specialist: The eye surgeon treat problems like vision loss, optic nerve problem, double vision, abnormal eye movement, and unequal pupil size.